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Land and Environmental Services

Glasgow City Council
St Mungo Trophy Allotment Competition

The St Mungo Trophy Allotment Competition is organised by Glasgow City Council Land and Environmental Services. The trophy was first awarded in 1943 and except from a 15 year period from mid 50’s to late 60’s, has been competed for on an annual basis. The competition is confined to amateur gardeners; professionals are not eligible to compete. The maximum size of competing allotments is not to exceed 300 square yards.

The competition is open to all members of Allotments Associations within Glasgow. The competing Associations carry out the eliminating competition from their membership. Each participating Allotment Association is then invited to submit their best three plots for final judging by a small judging team selected by Land and Environmental Services. The judges are asked to select the best allotment, based on an assessment of the quality and selection of vegetables and flowers being grown, the cleanliness and attractiveness of plot and evidence of continuity of planting.

Credit is given to the best use of space, quality of the plants and intelligent placing of the plants in suitable locations and aspects. The primary purpose of an allotment is to provide crops of vegetables, fruit, flowers and culinary herbs for household use.

The more completely a plot fulfils this objective, the greater the credit accorded in the competition.

The first winner of the trophy in 1943 was Mr A Henderson, Tankerland Road Allotments. The most prodigious winners have been Mr W Hodgson, New Victoria Gardens, who has won the trophy 10 times. He is closely followed by Mr John McLeod, Berridale Allotments, who has won it 8 times. The most successful site has been Berridale Allotments who have won the trophy 18 times with 5 different winners. This is followed by New Victoria Gardens who have won 11 times with 2 different winners. To date, the trophy has been won by 24 different plotholders representing 13 allotment sites.

The current holder is Mr Stephen Malcolm, Berridale Allotments, who has won it for the third consecutive year.

Glasgow City Council Land and Environmental Services value the participation and assistance from competitors, allotment associations, plotholders and judges in supporting The St Mungo Trophy Allotment Competition.

In judging the St Mungo the first plot sets the bench mark for the day.

The scoring is


Example of a high score:-

50 pts for vegetables


 30 pts for flowers


 10 pts for cleanliness


 10 pts for continuity


 5 pts each for 10 kinds of vegetables


 5 pts each for 6 kinds of flowers


 Total 110

 80 (78%)

The judges are currently asked to disregard the contents of green houses.

• Vegetables: onions, leeks, cauliflower, potatoes, carrots, parsnips, peas, beetroot, celery, brassicas, beans (broad, runner, French), Shallots, Turnips, Swedes, sweet corn, marrows, courgettes, lettuce, chard
• Flowers: sweet pea, gladioli, spray chrysanthemums, dahlias, fuchsias, hanging baskets, annual bedding,herbaceous- heleniums, phlox, summer bulbs, agapanthus, rambler roses etc
• Cleanliness- weed free plot and paths, no discarded potato haulms, no discarded thinnings, any detractors from overall impression.
• Continuity: in general ‘follow on ‘ crops with no vacant ground. If early shallots have been lifted then replant with say 2nd crop of late salads or a nursery bed for wall-flowers, polyanthus,. If early potatoeshave been lifted the plant up with winter greens or second batch of leeks .
• There is no distinction in judging criteria between full and half plots. Full plots allows easier spacing but creates more weeding. Smaller plot limits the range of crops but easier to maintain.
• Possibility fruit being included in judging criteria and compost for continuity marks. Discussion on whether green house produce – tomatoes and cucumbers could be included

Judging usually takes place in last week of July?

1st, 2nd & 3rd prizes are awarded
1st prize wins the traditional St Mungo’s trophy

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