Friday, February 22, 2019

Composting and Famous Visitors at Kelvinside

Donald Dewar MP

Over the years we have had some distinguished  visitors at Julian stand out. Donald Dewar was a natural visitor in a way as he was a neighbour but his help was enlisted when Julian was under threat of closure and the Secretary of State for Scotland Ian Lang who also visited  was a key figure in saving the plots.

infamous Rab C NesbitAnother kettle of fish was the visit by the Rab C Nesbitt show which filmed an episode at Julian where Jamie had a fictional plot. In recompense a sum was donated to the KAA and it was used to buy a composting toilet, the first composting toilet on an allotment site in Glasgow. A fitting memorial to Rab! You can hear our chairman Roger talk about the composting toilet and hear a general discussion between Roger and Marilyn on composting by clicking on the link .

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