Friday, February 22, 2019

Beekeeping and the Web of Nature at Kelvinside

Kirklee has a long tradition of beekeeping. Sue Reeve kept bees for many years but when she took over her plot including beehives she knew nothing about beekeeping  You can hear on the attached files about how she got started, what was involved in working with the bees, what tasted like Kirklee  honey and how a beekeeper avoids and deals with  swarms.
Bees are still kept at Kirklee. Suzanne Ullman is now our resident apicultualist.

In addition to honeybees there are many interesting and beneficial insects on our allotments. They  are important for pollinating our plants and many plants in the gardens of the surrounding area. For many years  Keith Vickerman  kept a nature log of the birds and insects he saw on Julian. You can read his log through this link.

Keith was an advocate for allotments as part of the green corridors which link   our urban green spaces and the natural environment beyond. “We are fortunate in Glasgow to have so many parks and green spaces” he points out “ and allotments are important links in this network".

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